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F-Gas Regulations

Camcool Ltd keeps your business up to date and compliant with the current F-Gas Regulations, a quick call can ensure you remain compliant with regulations.

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F-Gas Regulations overview

With the recent changes to the F-Gas legislation it is now a requirement of the system owner to ensure that the following regulations are adhered to.

It is a requirement that operators of equipment that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases in quantities of 5 tonnes of CO2 or more, shall ensure that the equipment is checked for leaks.

Systems with a C02 equivalent = 5 tonnes must have a leak check carried out every 12 months

Systems with a C02 equivalent = 50 tonnes must have a leak check 2x per year

Systems with 500 tonnes must have a leak check of 4 times per year

In addition to these regulations each system must have an F-Gas log book to record the amount of refrigerant in the system and if any additions/removals/corrections have been made.

C02 equivalent = mass of refrigerant x GWP

A system with 2Kgs of R410a refrigerant contained in system =4.176 tonnes

So this falls under the current regulations and does not require leak checking.

A system with 2.395Kgs of R410a or greater* will need an annual leak check.

R404a Example;
A system with a refrigerant charge of 1.275Kgs will require an annual leak check.

12.749Kgs or greater will require 2x leak checks per annum.

Our qualified engineers ensure you are compliant by keeping digital F-Gas logbook records and carrying out leak checks at the specified intervals.

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